Tibra, is a woman's name in Libya, that means gold nugget. Hana Naas, is a Libyan woman that embodied the essence and role of Libyan women in preserving and protecting the cultures and traditions of Libya, and passing them to a new generation of Libyan girls and women that were living or born and raised outside Libya.
Through her dedication and activism to empower Libyan women she was seeking to prevent Libyan culture of being lost forever after decades of degradation and destruction by a totalitarian regime, which caused a whole society to fall backwards and marginalise the role of women in Libya.
Hannu, as she likes to be called, is a true champion of Libyan women's rights and an activist towards empowering Libyan girls and women, through her projects, mainly, Tibra Foundation, which is dedicated to enrich the lives of women and girls of the Libyan community worldwide, through many activities, among them, establishing the Tibra Awards. A program to highlight the success of Libyan young women, to recognize their excellence, and to help them grow as contributors and future leaders of Libyan community.
Hannu is a dear friend to many, she transformed the lives of many people around her, and as she is taking her first steps towards immortality, in the hearts of those who love her, she will always be remembered as a beautiful soul from a Libya that we all love and long to see again.
Hannu's glowing smile, touched everything around her and made it glow, even when she was fighting her long and brave battle with cancer, she kept planning for new projects for Libya, and she kept that shining smile, reminding us that she will never wither or surrender.
Hannu… Live forever and smile…