Remember the blood soaked dreams you promised.
Remember the skies that used to be full of the faces of the children to be.
The pain, the horror, the more pain and terror.
Away with your ugly words,
The image you tried to engrave in the face of our moon.
Away with all the days, months, years, and decades you enslaved.
Fearful the night of the free.
Full of forsaken loss and ungrateful tomorrows.
They shall never surrender, nor let go of their only scream.
A smile of the beloved,
A kiss on the lips of pain,
Gushing with the last gasps of life.
A mole creeps from a hole,
Blind by the sun, deaf by the cries,
Counting last mad days down the labyrinth.
Defected, dejected, rejected.
A king of misery,
A soul tormented with the thousands of immortals, beautiful, blissful air.
“Who are you?!”
A bitter nightmare, an endless hate,
A lost seeker in the desert of torment quenching thirst with the sea,
“Who are you?!”
Tight is his fist on the sand,
Writing their names in wounded red,
Soaking in blood the dreams of a promised land.