While lots of Libyan bloggers and friends are rediscovering Facebook and enjoying their new technological toy before a new inventions springs up on the Internet, I have been spending more time micro-blogging on Twitter, finding it easy to write what ever on my mind, especially with the easy access through different platforms.
I am finding it much easier for me to express my thoughts and dreams without being bothered and getting most of my news headlines and articles by following lots of newspapers and news organisations on twitter.
A few months ago I wrote down some of my silly and childish day dreams that pass through my mind during the day, so I am sharing some of those day dreams over here on Imtidad, as part of the silly season in Libya that begins this time of the year. enjoy..
– switching off my mobile for a week
– the gravity car, my childhood dream invention http://ow.ly/a2Ul
– performing robotic surgical operations using the Da Vinci system http://tinyurl.com/m78jcg
– riding a jet fighter and reaching Mach 3, breaking the sound barrier http://tinyurl.com/o62938
– running the London Marathon, or being good in some sort of sport, getting rid off my physical clumsiness
– inventing a time machine and going back to live the 60s and 70s in my twenties
– space walking.. one day that must happen http://tinyurl.com/qehxmy
– learn new languages fluently Italian Spanish french and maybe Chinese
– learning to play a musical instrument, probably the violin
– working for a humanitarian medical organization in Africa
– walking for a year through out the Libyan “continent” reaching every town and village
– a one year sponsored leave to read 100 books and finish writing my novel and 3rd collection of short stories and translate a book
– my book or any book being advertised on the side of an Iveco minibus in the heart of Tripoli