The blood cries for a land where the sun walks the sands

Playful with joys of freedom..
The chants rise to the heavens of the free
I kiss your faces,
Full of life never to die,
I cuddle your dreams of love stories,
Children to be,
I write your names on the face of time
And nothing will be spared
A drop of rain,
Water in the stream,
Dust from the south
And a sacred sadness in the night of the free
I reach a finger into his wound,
I will never doubt,
I will never know fear,
A smile shines in his face,
The sun rises in your heart
My heart doesn’t ache anymore,
I light the way from sea to sea,
And I promise the children gifts of spring and eternal laughter
Alone he walks,
On a road bursting with light,
His path towards an image of a child,
Laughter is his food,
Dreams his eyes
A river flows from east to west
Rises.. Caresses,
Comes home with promises and drops of dreams,
A river of thousand suns and millions of stars
I kiss you my brother,
I kiss your feet in the sand,
Give a hand to rise full of life..
Will I be ready to love you forever?!
I rise