Desert heart

He promised never to look back,
columns of slat growing on the dunes
embracing the snow

cursing his old face.
On the bitter lake,
sitting on the edge telling me the tale of his lost dream

why we come back?!
why you come back?!

Nothing is happening on our side of the sun
spits his love to olive trees longing to eat row truffles
losing his weakness in front of the white see

Snap, Snap

He takes pictures of his cured heart

Snap, Snap

He cuts his curly long hair short.
Why you go back to the sand?!

Bang, bang

He listens to the coppers artists of old Tripoli
drowning their hate

Bang, bang

He looks amazingly to his dying brain.
Welcome home, the uniformed man whispers sweetly,
did you have a rough ride

let us embrace you
and smell the snow
he opens his chest begging

for the swallow inside to
fly, but nothing is left in his
heart except desert sand.



So, another failure
go on and give the finger, don’t forget

to tell the world
don’t hush anything

So, would you offer me your face to kiss
or I’ll find another me in you,

come let’s try this once more
your neck smells like honey

and the way to Eden starts at you naval.
Closer I want to be,

closer to the chestnut hair on your shoulders
hold me, never let go

nothing will change and your eyes are empty
shall we start again another sweet failure.


* Picture (The Calmming Effect) by
Aladine Geleidi