Some of you already know my fascination with podcasts and podcasting. Since this new technology came into wide usage on the world wide web I became addicted to filling up my mp3 player (ipod) with many podcasts every week, some of these podcasts became an inspiration for me to work on Imtidad cultural podcasts that is on hold for the time being because of faith issues (will be revealed in time).

One of these podcasts is a radio show on the American network WBEZ Chicago Public Radio and Public Radio International (PRI) called This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass. It is an hour long of non-fiction stories from across America and beyond, narrated by different people, and usually these stories are about ordinary and simple individuals that achieved some kind of change in their life. Last year This American Life presented its first television version of the program on Showtime cable network in America. In a new effort to share with you these podcasts I am going to present from time to time partial segments of them on the blog for you to listen, if you want to download all the episodes and get some sense of my addiction you can visit the website of the show or podcasts and subscribe for free to download them on your mp3 player.

This episode is one of the first that I listened to of This American Life hope that you enjoy it and hope to get comments on the issues that it raises.