Welcome to Imtidad. Imtidad is a podcast focusing on Arabic culture and Literature in the middle east, europe and America. the podcast was launched on April 2006 as a weekly show in Arabic language, and finished its first season with 12 episodes. With the return of the second season, we decided to launch the English edition of Imtidad, giving highlights on Arabic culture and literature translated mainly into English. There will be readings of translated literary works, such as, poetry, short stories, novels, plays and book reviews. there will also be reviews on the major events related to Arabic culture in Britain and the Arab world, such as theatrical plays, Arabic movies, and art exhibitions. we will also playing songs and music from the region. We are proud at Imtidad cultural podcast to be sponsored by (Banipal) the magazine of modern Arab literature.

Banipal is an independent literary magazine publishing contemporary authors and poets from all over the Arab world in English translation, and was founded in 1998 by Margaret Obank and Iraqi author Samuel Shimon.

In this first episode of Imtidad English. We will be reading poems by Libyan writer Laila Niehoum, Laila is a renowned writer and translator, she worked for many years to translate and publish English literature into Arabic. We will be also listening to a recording from the cultural tour (Banipal Live). the tour is the second to be organised by Banipal Magazine and featured four writers from the Arab World. the tour visited five cities in britain, and was held between 14-20 of august 2006. we will be listening to a reading of a short story by Palestinian storyteller Ala Helhel, and we will be featuring other writers in the next episodes.