Yesterday was the evening for the African Writers at the poetry cafe in central London. As usual it was vibrant and exciting, despite the hot and sticky weather, we enjoyed listening to readings from African writers residing in Britain, the main focus was Libyan writer Hisham Matar debut novel (In the country of men), which is enjoying wide reviews in British newspapers.

Writer Nii Parkes the host and organizer of African Writers Evening which is a bimonthly event at the poetry cafe.

African poetess Jessica Horn, enjoying the hot weather in the cellar of poetry cafe after enertaining us with creative poems

Writer Hisham Matar reading from his debut novel (In The Country Of Men)

Hisham facing challenging questions from the audience while he keeps rehydrating himself
Lastly you can listen to the evening by downloading the mp3 file below… Enjoy

african.mp3 (10mb)